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E&R Flat offers short-term and long-term apartment rentals in Paris. Our apartments are adapted for every budget: from cheap but usable studios to luxury apartments and lofts.

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9 avenue de la Bourdonnais
75007, Paris
Mo-Fr: 10:00 – 19:00 (CET)

Paris Apartment Rentals

In Paris, suburbs and South of France

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Discover your ideal apartment in Paris with E&R Flat

E&R Flat Agency provides our clientele with the option of short or long-term apartment rentals in Paris. Whether you require lodging for a brief sojourn or an extended stay of up to a year, we are prepared to cater to your needs. Furthermore, we extend our services to include property sales across Paris, and if you have a specific preference, we can locate a residence for you anywhere in France.

Feel free to contact us to explore exclusive rental opportunities!

E&R Flat comprises a dynamic team of young, energetic, and ethical real estate professionals!

Being situated in Paris and considering ourselves Parisians, we possess an intimate understanding of all the apartments showcased on our website. Our professional photographer ensures that the images accurately depict each property. Armed with a keen awareness of local real estate market prices, especially in the realm of Parisian apartment rentals, we stand ready to offer our clients the most informed advice.

Our trust extends globally — individuals from all corners of the world repose confidence in us! Be assured that all our flats are authentic, ensuring that the one you select online mirrors the one awaiting you upon your arrival in Paris.

Our offerings go beyond rentals; we have a plethora of Paris apartments available for sale as well.

In the rare event that any issues arise with your chosen flat, we will promptly apprise you and present alternative options of equivalent value.

While our agency exudes youthfulness, our experience in the Parisian real estate sector runs deep. Some members of our team have been immersed in this field since 2008, and that's why our proficiency matches our enthusiasm.

Remember, when you lodge with us, any challenge in your Paris apartment becomes our concern. We commit to addressing and resolving issues promptly. If necessary, we'll seamlessly transition you to another comfortable flat at no additional cost.

Contact us now at +33 6 15 10 09 75 and receive professional assistance in finding the perfect apartment in Paris!

Fluent in English, French, German, Italian, Ukrainian, Polish, and Russian, we derive joy from our work by ensuring your satisfaction and happiness.