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E&R Flat offers short-term and long-term apartment rentals in Paris. Our apartments are adapted for every budget: from cheap but usable studios to luxury apartments and lofts.

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FAQ about real estate in Paris

Knowledge is a key!

Here is the list of the most common questions about Apartment rental in Paris.

Why should I rent an apartment in Paris instead of booking a hotel?

Booking a hotel is often seen as the more convenient option, but it’s also far more expensive. By staying in one of our fantastic Paris apartments, you will save a lot of money. It’s also a much better way of travelling as a family because you get more room and more value for money. Many families have to book multiple rooms when staying in a hotel, meaning your trip costs twice as much as it needs to.

What’s the minimum stay time in your apartments?

This depends on the apartment in question. Some have minimum stays of a week, others have minimum stays of just two nights. But, we also have a range of options with no minimum stay at all, meaning you can rent it for a night if you’re only in the city for a brief moment.

What’s the maximum stay time in your apartments?

We offer rates for up to 30 days in our apartments. However, we also provide more long-term options if you feel like staying for a few months. Anyone that wants to stay for more than 30 days will have to pay a monthly rate instead of the nightly one.

Do you have any hidden fees not mentioned on your site?

We try and include all the additional fees on our website for you to see. This includes possible extra fees for different check-in or check-out times, as well as any agency fees. There are also security deposits, but they’re refundable.

Are all your apartments fully furnished?

Yes, all of our holiday rentals are fully furnished, providing you with beds, sofas, and all the furniture you need. A full list of what’s included will be shown on the individual pages for each apartment.

Do your apartments come with extras like ironing boards?

Some of our apartments come with extras like ironing boards and hairdryers; it all depends on the apartment. Once again, all the information you need is on the page for the apartment on our site — just look for the Amenities section.

Do you have Wi-Fi in your apartments? Is it for free?

Yes, 99% of our apartments have free Wi-Fi for short-term rent (less than 1 month), if you rent it more than 1 month, normally you have to create a contract in your name for the Internet. We’ll help you to do that.

When can I arrive at my apartment?

You can arrive at your apartment at any time during the week, depending on which one you’ve chosen. Some agencies list apartments that you can only arrive at on certain days, but we don’t do this.

How do I book one of your Paris apartments?

Booking an apartment couldn’t be any simpler. All you have to do is head to our site and search for a gorgeous place to stay. Choose the dates you’re looking for, and be greeted with all the search results. You can even set certain filters to only show apartments with particular star ratings or prices. Once you’ve found the one you like, just click book now and follow the rest of the steps on-screen.

How big are your Paris vacation apartments?

They vary in size, but we try and cater for everyone. Whether you’re looking for large apartments with multiple bedrooms, or a small studio one, we’ve got you covered.

Is there a check-in time?

Normal check-in time is from 14:00. But we if don’t have clients leaving the same day before you, you can arrive in the morning as well. We are flexible. Each apartment comes with its own check-in time, which is the preferred time you arrive at the property. However, they also offer alternative check-in times to fit around your schedule. More often than not, you will have to pay a little extra for an alternative check-in time.

Is there are check-out time?

Normal check out time is 10:00, but if we don’t have clients after you, we’ll let you stay longer. Similarly to check-in times, the check-out times are specified by each individual apartment.

Do your apartments come with air conditioning and central heating?

All of our apartments come with central heating systems installed and fully functional. Whether or not you also get air conditioning depends on the apartment you’re looking at. If this is essential for your stay, you can change the search filters to only show apartments with this feature. In Paris there are not so many apartments with air condition, because they ruin the architecture. So it’s not allowed. However, all the luxury apartments come with air condition.

Do I have to pay in Euros?

All of our apartments are priced in Euros on our site, and we recommend you pay using the local currency. It makes things easier for everyone, and you will often save money paying directly in Euros rather than converting the price to your currency of choice.

What happens if I want to cancel a booking?

When you book an apartment with us, you have to pay a reservation fee. Don’t worry, this isn’t a hidden cost, it forms part of the overall booking price. Should you decide to cancel your booking, you will lose this fee. Unless your booking is cancelled by the owner of the apartment, in which case you get your money back.

Are your apartments accessible for wheelchairs or strollers?

Some of our apartments are in buildings with elevators, meaning there’s access for people in wheelchairs or baby strollers.

How old are the pictures on your website?

We ensure that all the pictures on our website are as up to date as possible. This guarantees you know what you’re getting when you book an apartment to rent in Paris.

How do I pay for my stay?

To pay for your stay you need a credit or debit card. Once you’ve reserved your apartment, you will log into your account and fill out all the contact information, paying the reservation fees. After this, the owner will send a contract, and you’ll pay half the price of your rental. The other half gets paid once you arrive.

Do you allow pets in your apartments?

A lot of our apartments do allow you to bring pets with you. This is yet another potential benefit of renting an apartment, as you don’t have to worry about finding someone to look after the family pet!

Why should I rent an apartment in Paris from you?

There are loads of Paris apartment agencies out there, but we’re unique. We offer such a diverse array of properties; there’s something for everyone. Not only that, but we’re upfront with all the costs and display every piece of information for you on our website.

Do you have customer references?

Yes, we have loads of testimonials from customers on our website. Feel free to head to the home page and give them a read if you want to see what people say about our service.

Can you recommend things to do in Paris for a short trip?

Of course, we can! We’re more than happy to give advice on the best things to see or do in Paris. In fact, we’ve even got a free travel guide on our site.

What are the smoking rules in your apartments?

Normally all the apartments are non-smoking. However, there are somewhere you can smoke. There are no proper smoking rules for all our apartments, it depends on the building regulations and the owner. If you need an apartment that allows smoking, you can set the filters to show you all the best ones.

Is there any food provided during our stay?

Our apartments are all self-catered, which means you can try your hand at making traditional French food! Alternatively, feel free to journey out to some great Parisian cafes and restaurants close by.

What are the kitchen facilities like?

Kitchen facilities vary from apartment to apartment, but they all provide you with everything you need. There’ll be kettles, cookers, a fridge, etc. Some will even provide you with a coffee maker, meaning you can start your day the Parisian way.

Can I do my own laundry?

Absolutely, and this is another advantage of rental apartments over hotels. Instead of paying for overpriced laundry services in a hotel, you will have a washing machine to do your own. Some apartments might even include a tumble dryer as well.

How much is the security deposit?

Typically, the security deposit will reflect the overall price of your apartment. If you’re renting an expensive place, then expect to pay a fairly high security deposit. Don’t worry, this is 100% refundable, so it doesn’t make your stay cost any longer. You can also write that for a long term-rent it’s one month of the rental price. You can also say that you can pay with credit/debit card, wire transfer or cash in any USD or EUR.

When do I get my security deposit back?

You get your deposit back after your stay and once the full payment has been received by the owner. They’ll also conduct a property inspection to ensure you left it as you found it. If you break anything in the apartment, you might not get this deposit back.

When do you recommend the best time to book an apartment rental?

If you’re looking for the best time of year to book an apartment, then we recommend some less popular periods. Paris becomes incredibly busy around all the typical holiday periods so it can be hard to reserve your stay.

How long in advance should I book?

The general rule is that you should book as early as possible. Especially if you’re looking for an apartment during any of the busy periods. Booking a few months in advance gives you a greater choice of apartments, and more chance your dream one is free. For not so busy periods, you can probably get away with booking just a few weeks in advance of your stay.

How do I get in touch if there’s something wrong with the apartment?

If you find something wrong with your apartment, please get in touch with us directly. Either call or email us, and we’ll pass on your concerns to the owner. All communications go through us, making it easier to work through potential language barriers.

Are your apartments in good locations?

Our apartments are dotted all over Paris, but we have the bulk of them right in the central area. This gives you great access to all the popular tourist spots in the city centre. But, it depends on what a ‘good location’ is for you. If you prefer staying on the outskirts of the city, in a quieter place, then we have options for you too.

Do you provide apartments with good views of the city?

Many of our apartments come with gorgeous balconies that overlook Paris. You can sit on your balcony with a croissant in one hand, a cup of coffee in the other, and see the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

Will I need to rent a car to get to my apartment?

You don’t have to, no. Most of our apartments are close to public transport stops, meaning you can get to them via train, bus, or subway. This is often the easiest way to get around big cities like Paris, as traffic can be bad.

What’s so special about your Paris apartments?

We believe the apartments we offer are special as they give you a true taste of life in Paris. From authentic French decor to some of the best views around; we provide you with an experience, not just a room to stay in. They’re all fully-furnished and kept in the best condition possible as well.

How many apartments have you got to offer?

As mentioned before, we like to give you as much choice as possible when renting apartments. Consequently, we’ve got over 2,000 fantastic properties on our site for you to enjoy. Including hundreds in and around central Paris.

Do you have any Paris tourism tips I should know?

We have plenty of tourism tips for you to enjoy during your stay in Paris. If you take the time to visit our blog, you’ll see countless articles packed full of great information. We’ll tell you what to see, what not to do, and how to stay safe during your trip.

Can you provide public transport maps or advice on how to use buses/trains?

We’re more than happy to provide advice on using public transport in Paris. Go to the Transport in Paris page on our website, and you’ll find loads of information there. We’ve got info on different visitor tickets to purchase, and we’ll even give you a link to a map of the Paris Metro system. We also have couple of printed maps in all of our apartments.

Are bed linen and towels included?

Yes, bed linen and towels are always included into the price of all our apartments.