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E&R Flat offers short-term and long-term apartment rentals in Paris. Our apartments are adapted for every budget: from cheap but usable studios to luxury apartments and lofts.

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Owning property in Paris is a symbol of prestige. Without a doubt, the appeal of having your own apartment with panoramic views of iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Sacre-Coeur, or Notre-Dame during your visits to the enchanting city by the Seine, as opposed to opting for hotels, enhances your image as an affluent and esteemed individual. It's unsurprising that people from all corners of the world invest their resources in such acquisitions.

However, over time, you may realize that your Parisian residence remains unoccupied for a significant portion of the year due to limited vacation time in this romantic city. In such instances, the idea of renting it out becomes a practical consideration. There's still a possibility that you might decide to relocate to Paris at some point in your life, or a family member may require accommodation in the city. Consequently, selling the apartment may not be a viable option.

If you need assistance in securing tenants and managing your property, look no further than our agency. Our team boasts extensive experience in the Parisian real estate market, possessing the know-how to optimize returns from both short- and long-term rentals. Irrespective of your apartment's size or location, our agents excel at presenting any property in its best light.

Should you be seeking to lease your apartment and require professional support, please complete the form below. Our agents will promptly reach out to assist you.